We produce sauces to enhance the flavors, which is a matter of high importance for the gastronomic sector. A diversity of products that offer flavors, colors, smells, and also contain high nutritional properties.

Regular Sauces


Doy Pack200g 400g 500g 1.000g
Sachet8g 14g
Pet Squeeze400g
Bag1.000g 2.000g 3.000g 4.000g

BBQ Sauce

The ideal complement for your meals. Bittersweet and smoked dressing that is associated with ​​every day BBQ, is a benchmark of American cuisine..


Made mainly from tomato pulp, to which different spices are added, generating a variety of profiles ideal for your meals.


Mayonnaise is a sauce, product of the emulsion of egg protein with a vegetable oil.


Made from the seed of the plant, which must be ground and mixed with water, so that not only the desired texture is achieved but also the flavor and spicyness that characterizes it.


Made from the emulsion, between oil and egg protein, spiced to give a touch of flavor to your meals

Seasoning Sauces


Glass Bottle165g
Plastic Bottle

Soy Sauce

It is a culinary treasure. Made from the fermentation of soybeans, together with roasted wheat; Ideal to marinate and accompany your meals.

Meat Sauce

Made from spices, to season your food before cooking

Black Sauce

Made from vegetable protein and spices, ideal to marinate and accompany your meals.

Hot Souces


Pet Squeeze400g* Solo Salsa de Ají

Hot Sauce

Made from ground chili pepper, ideal to prepare your meals and give them a spicy touch

Tabasco Sauce

Made from red Tabasco chili, used as a condiment to give a spicy flavor to your meals

Chipotle Sauce

Made from smoked chili, ideal to give a smoky and spicy touch to your meals.

Jalapeño Sauce

Made from jalapeño peppers and vinegar, ideal for your meals



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