Since 1961 this visionary project has been shaped, started by Iván Hoyos Robledo in the city of Bogota, with the company “Aceitales” where fats and cooking oil were produced and distributed. Four years later under the name of Concentrados S.A, our dream of growing was getting stronger, expanding our production lines to balanced food lines for animals, based on plant fibers.

In 2013, with the foundation of QBCo S.A.S, our strategic vision was setted to focus on development, production and marketing of private labels for the food sector, with the commitment to meet the needs of our customers and consumers, with high quality products. Since then, we become the leading partner in the development of Private Labels in Colombia.

We are “QBCo GROUP”, which holds 4 companies: QBCo SAS, C.F. QBCo SAS, AURALAC SAS and FADEPLAST BUGA SAS. Today, we are a solid multi-category company leader in the market, with a diverse portfolio of Sauces, Beverages, Processed meats, Dairy products, Dry Mixes Powder, Vinegars, Margarines and Edible Oils, offering a broad portfolio for our customers.



We are based on Trust

We all do things the right way since the beginning, we have relationships based on recognition and we value and encourage different ways of thinking.

We interact with Respect

Our interactions are based on respect. We recognize differences through assertive communication.

We Work United

We get the results as a team. We support each other looking for the best for the company.

We are constantly renovating

We are flexible, we constantly improve to achieve competitive advantages.

We have Total Commitment

We love what we do.



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